Stock Drive’s New Molded Racks Offer Extension Possibilities

April 16, 2006—A new series of four flexible molded racks introduced by Stock Drive Products can run with standard 20 degree pressure angle metric gears for linear indexing applications of any length.

According to the company’s press release, the standard 2000 mm (78.7") lengths can be extended by adding additional sections. They are designed for curved, circular or irregular surfaces where they can fit a bend radius as small as 75 mm and still run with standard metric gears. Fitted in their flexible nylon guide rails, they can be bent into circular shape to function either as internal or external gears.

The ability of these racks, identified as Flexirack Series A1M12MYHF, to be bent or slightly twisted make them suitable for use as serpentine drives. They are positioned with specially designed screw-down rack clamps or with a choice of eight flexible plastic or aluminum guide rails. The standard rack sizes stocked are: 0.8, 1, 1.5 and 2 module. These bright blue acetal racks can run with a variety of SDP A1M 2MYHF Series plastic gears. The widths of the 4 racks stocked range from 3.8 mm to 8 mm (.144" to .315"). Rack heights range from 3.3 mm to 7 mm (.131" to .276").

These self-lubricating racks have a high dielectric strength and are resistant to alcohol, ketones, oil, grease, gasoline and other weak acids and alkalis. Their maximum continuous working temperature is 100$B!<(BC (212$B!<(BF) but they can operate intermittently at temperatures as high as 149$B!<(BC (300$B!<(BF).

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