Bishop-Wisecarver Debuts Heavy Duty System for Lifting Automation Equipment

April 9, 2006—The new MHD track range from Bishop-Wisecarver supports high load and high duty applications, such as robot transfer systems for welding and assembly operations in the automotive and heavy mechanical handling industries.

MHD, or Max Heavy Duty, is supplied as a kit of parts with two basic elements - - bearing blocks and tracks. The system comes standard with a left and right block assembly.

According to the company’s press release, MHD’s features reduce down time associated with bearing failure. The set of four bearing blocks, each with three large integral crowned rollers, are sealed for the life of the product to increase the linear life of the bearings.

The top bearing, which sustains the heaviest load, is a tapered roller bearing. Side and lower rollers are eccentric, eliminating play from the system. The double-row tapered roller bearings, are caged and lubricated for life, reduce friction and require no maintenance.

Additionally, MHD’s bearings are aligned in the direction of motion, allowing it to resist end loading and premature failure caused by axial loading.

The bearing blocks run on a pair of 100 by 40mm flat tracks. Tracks are hardened and fully ground on all surfaces, and are available in single lengths of 1.4m. The high precision tracks can be butted together to provide a system of unlimited length.

MHD is suitable for a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, robotics, transfer system, welding system and material handling.

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