Revolvo Provides Pump Solution at Waste Water Plant

Revolvo SRB split roller bearings are providing heavy duty support for the crankshaft of a large sludge pump at a United Utilities waste ...
January 16, 2014—Revolvo SRB split roller bearings are providing heavy duty support for the crankshaft of a large sludge pump at a United Utilities waste water treatment plant in Oldham, following operational problems with the pump that resulted in damage to its original bearings and crankshaft. Revolvo was introduced to the project by ERIKS Electro Mechanical Services, who were commissioned to refurbish and repair the sludge pump, including straightening the crankshaft, bearing replacement, drive re-alignment and on-site assembly and commissioning. The total value of the contract was in excess of £200,000.

One of the major problems faced by ERIKS was that the sludge pump crankshaft had been running misaligned, resulting in serious damage to the crankshaft itself, and the split roller bearings and housings that locate the pump connecting rods and support the crankshaft. ERIKS undertook the straightening and refurbishment of the crankshaft, while Revolvo manufactured new split roller bearings, housings and pedestals for the crankshaft support, and also refurbished the pump connecting rod end housings.

Revolvo has been involved in previous successful projects with United Utilities, including a recent project to replace rotary aerator support bearings at their Widnes Waste Water Treatment Plant. Revolvo’s specially sealed SRB split roller bearings are ideal for water treatment plant operations as they are designed to operate fully submerged in sludge, needing only routine re-greasing to operate reliably for many years. For these applications with very long shafts, the SRB split-to-the shaft bearing design saves thousands of pounds in installation & maintenance costs as they can be easily removed and replaced at any point along the shaft without any dismantling of ancillary equipment.

A total of seven heavy duty 150 mm SRB split roller bearings and housings were supplied for the application to the ERIKS EMS site who undertook the reassembly and installation of the crankshaft assembly. This was achieved within time and on budget, and the pump is now back in continuous service at the Oldham site.

Commenting on the successful outcome to the project, Revolvo’s Sales and Marketing Director, Adrian Menzies, said: “Revolvo has a very successful history of installing bearings in applications where they will be submerged in sludge or effluent. Thanks to a very effective sealing system our bearings are capable of surviving far longer than traditional bearings – five years, or longer - with only the basic maintenance of standard re-greasing required. Another advantage of SRB split roller bearings is that when they do reach the end of their life, they are very easy to replace.”

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