Parker Expands Its PowerStation Family

April 8, 2006—Parker Automaton-CTC introduced the EPX10S, which is equipped with a 10" TFT, SVGA display and

analog resistive touchscreen. It joins the EPX08 to expand Parker’s line of open-platform PowerStations.

According to the company’s press release, the InteractX offers unlimited tag runtime, unsurpassed graphics, 60+ communication drivers and advanced designer tools make the 10" EPX PowerStation a feasible HMI solution running on a standard Windows XP Pro operating system and hardened x86 hardware platform.

Each EPX system includes a full range of standard features such as USB ports, RS-232 and RS 232/422/485 ports, and a 100BaseT Ethernet port.

Combining the new EPX10S with the 8" display EPX08T, the EPX family allows customers to choose the right system for their application. With standard 40 GB hard disk storage, the EPX runs a fully-functional Windows XP Pro OS and InteractX HMI software. For applications requiring higher system reliability in harsh environments, EPX PowerStations are available with a 4.0 GB CompactFlash option.

Running CTC’s InteractX Windows software, the EPX PowerStation packages an open platform HMI solution in a small footprint. InteractX’s unlimited-tag runtime system supports over 60 communication drivers, fully rendered and scalable graphics, multi-language support and tools for easing 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and e-signatures. Its object-style development system enables real-time data acquisition, enhanced user administration, operator/event tracking with network security auto detection and complete tag editing, as well as integrated VBA and Active X tools for easy customization.

Each EPX system includes a full range of PC hardware features such as embedded Celeron CPU, 512MB DRAM, 64MB AGP video memory, external Type II CompactFlash slot, bootable USB ports, RS-232 and RS-232/422/485 ports and 100BaseT Ethernet port. These features allow EPX systems to be configured for a wide variety of communications and application needs.

The NEMA4/4X- rated EPX is sized to fit the cutout dimensions of several popular operator panel products, making it an ideal drop-in replacement or alternative HMI for many existing machines.

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