Redex Presents Cubic Concept Technology

TCD (Total Cost of Design) and TCM (Total Cost of Manufacturing) are  essential factors in maintaining a leading position in high-demand ...
September 12, 2013—

TCD (Total Cost of Design) and TCM (Total Cost of Manufacturing) are essential factors in maintaining a leading position in high-demand and competitive machine-tool markets worldwide. With one eye on the costs and the other on performance level, most of the machine-tool leaders have switched to the cubic concept, invented and developed by Redex to enhance axis-drive global solutions.

Cubic concept entails that the machine frame on which the axis drives (mostly with rack and pinion planetary reducers inside) are fitted is no longer part of the machine but part of the drive itself. The cubic concept design offers numerous advantages, such as eliminating the need to design and integrate high-precision fixation extensions to the main machine frame. This key benefit greatly simplifies the design, saving many hours of stiffness simulation on sophisticated 3-D CAD software and even more on real test proof campaigns. The implementation process is also streamlined, with only the need for very simple machining shapes for the fixation interfaces. This innovative advantage increases global savings on TCD and TCM by 15 to 20%, which is in stark contrast with other conventional solutions.

The core component of Redex axis drives is a very low backlash/very high stiffness planetary reducer, fully embedded in its own cubic frame and ready to be fitted to the machine mainframe exactly as if it would be a part of the frame itself.

Now available in the 5 standard universal sizes (the full range -size 1 to size 5- will be officially introduced at the EMO), KRPXng is a compact single drive, specially designed for the easy construction of 100 percent backlash-free axis drive systems (becoming a dual drive when used together with an electric preload). The latest design offers a significant implementation advantage with the pinion height not higher than 75.9 to 135 mm.

Also available in the 5 standard universal sizes, DRPng is a DualDrive developed solution which combines two planetary reducers inside the same compact and ultra-high stiffness cubic housing unit. Cubic design of the DRP series even allows 100 percent backlash cancellation through a cost effective mechanical preload arrangement and greatly simplifies the setting-up process when an electric preload system is utilized.

Each machine subassembly and component must keep the global stiffness at the same level as the main frame, to avoid deterioration of global dynamic performances. The substantial stiffness of DRP & KRPX series is a result of the patented Redex integral output pinion design with oversized output bearing. The output pinions are machined to the same diameter as the shafts, giving the optimum balance between transmissible torque and rigidity at the rack. The output bearing consists of two preloaded and substantially oversized angular contact roller bearings. This construction enables the bearing to support the pinion as close as possible to the force, as only the thickness of the fastening nut separates the pinion from the output bearing. This design considerably reduces radial bending, which is responsible for 60 percent of overall distortion that is still poorly managed by existing systems.  The housings structures have been optimised with FEM analysis methods to avoid deflection during acceleration. The fixation is made to ensure a still connection with the machine frame. This smart system has been designed to eliminate the risk of mounting system deflection.

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