Del-Tron’s Online Catalog Features 3-D Models of Linear Motion Products

Del-Tron Precision is creating  3D models of its linear motion products available in all major 
computer-aided design (CAD) formats in a...
April 17, 2006—Del-Tron Precision is creating 3D models of its linear motion products available in all major

computer-aided design (CAD) formats in an on-line catalog on its web site.

The online 3D catalog simplifies the process of locating components, configure and view the desired 3D model and download it for use in their own design.

According to the company’s press release, customers can view, zoom, pan and rotate 3D models of Del-Tron products on the web simply by downloading a free viewer without requiring CAD


Del-Tron product lines that are currently available on the on-line catalog include ball slide assemblies, anti-creep linear slides, crossed roller slides, precision series, high precision series, mini posi-drive stages, posi-drive stages, friction free actuators, crossed rolled rail sets, crossed roller slide tables, and micro miniature automated positioning stages.

Del-Tron ball slide assemblies are designed in a straight line format. More commonly used recirculating ball bearings have a higher coefficient of friction because the peripheral track is shorter on the inner race than on the outer race, causing the ball to skid on one or the other. Linear ball bearings with

Del-Tron’s straight line design run exactly equal distances on the pair of tracks in linear bearings, permitting the balls to run with low

friction, wear, or skidding at any preload. The typical coefficient of friction for Del-Tron ball slides is only 0.003.

Crossed roller slides use rollers that are alternately crisscrossed with each other and move between a set of four, partially flat, parallel,

smooth rods on each side of the base. The rollers share a larger contact surface with the rods as compared to the point contact of steel balls.

This bearing design allows crossed roller slides to carry larger loads and absorb greater load impacts than equivalent size ball slides.

Del-Tron crossed roller slides provide straight line accuracy to 0.0001"/inch of travel and repeatability to 0.0001".

Del-Tron Precision anti-creep ball slide bassemblies eliminate misalignment that can sometimes occur in conventional linear motion

devices when they operate with vertical or uneven loads or offset forces. The new design features a single piece cage and integral positive end stop that prevents ball cage misalignment and keeps the rolling elements centered in the assembly.

Del-Tron also offers both ball slide and crossed roller positioning stages. Spring loaded micrometer drives allow precise repeatable

adjustments with low friction and zero backlash.

Slides provide accuracy to 0.0001 straight line accuracy per inch of travel and 0.0001"


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