Stober Expands U.S. Operations

Peter Feil, general manager of Stober Drives, Inc. of Maysville, Ky., in his newly renovated building.

Peter Feil, general manager of Stober Drives, Inc. of Maysville, Ky., in his newly renovated building.

July 31, 2013—

Stober Drives, Inc. has added a 50,000 square foot building to its Maysville, Ky. campus to maintain its reputation as providing the best people, processes, products, and performance in the drives industry. “We believe in unsurpassed customer service support, including fast delivery,” said Peter Feil, general manager at Stober Drives. “We have a standard delivery of one day. The fast delivery is not the result of a stock of preassembled gearboxes. Every unit is built to order to match customer specifications.”                                                     

Stober manufactures quiet, highly-efficient, durable gearboxes. Focusing on motion control and power transmission, Stober has expanded into the global market for applications including robotics, material handling, packaging, machine tool, medical equipment, food, beverage, semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace equipment, printing, and general automation application.                                                                    

“This expansion is all a part of our emphasis on being the gold standard in the industry,” said Feil. “The additional space has allowed assembly, customer support and shipping to grow, maintaining our focus on giving the customer the best experience possible. All phone calls are answered within three rings or less, quotes are completed in one hour, and every unit is shipped filled with application specific lubricant.”                       

Stober is especially sensitive to customers who are in a breakdown situation. Emergency orders have no expediting fee and are shipped in 24 hours or less.              

“Downtime is huge because all operations stop until a company is able to get a new part,” said Feil. “We are the company people can rely on to get them up and running again.” Emergency support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for any location in the United States.

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