Alpha Gear New Gearhead Follows Trends in High Reduction Torque and Ratios

April 11, 2006—The new SPK+ right-angle gearhead is designed for applications with high reduction ratios and torques. This product combines features of the company's planetary gearhead and right-angle gearhead. The SPK+ is also lighter than conventional bevel planetary gearboxes, the company says. The SPK+ achieves higher reduction ratios than other right-angle gearheads, according to the company's press release. In particular, handling tasks, which often necessitate a reduction ratio of i = 30 to i = 40, are best suited for this gearhead. In the output stage, the gearhead assures improved positioning accuracy and synchronism due to the fatigue-resisting design of the alpha hypoid and planetary gearsets. A smooth-running hypoid gearset on the input and optimized helical teeth in the SPK+ facilitate a lower noise lever. On the output side, noise emissions have also been reduced.

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