Bonfiglioli Introduces BMD Motor Line at Hannover Messe

The introduction of Bonfiglioli’s new family of motors, the BMD Permanent Magnet AC synchronous motor range integrates itself with ...
April 16, 2013—The introduction of Bonfiglioli’s new family of motors, the BMD Permanent Magnet AC synchronous motor range integrates itself with Bonfiglioli’s existing product offerings within this sector.This new brushless motor range is based around six torque levels corresponding to different flange sizes and motor peformances covering a torque range of 1.7 Nm to 37 Nm. They are designed for three phase operation, with both 230 V AC and 400 V AC power supplies, and with free ventilation.

All models are equipped with a PTC (a KTY temperature sensor is offered as an option) and IP65 push-pull connectors (IP67 is optional), fully conforming to EMC requirements. Bonfiglioli Permanent Magnet AC Syncronous Motors, manufactured using “salient pole” technology, provide lowest inertia levels combined with high torque.
The dimensions of the motor are drastically reduced, with considerable advantages in terms of torque density, overall dimensions and dynamic performance. Thanks to the high quality and performance of the Neodymium iron boron rare-earth magnets, performance in terms of offering very high accelerations and withstanding high overloads without the risk of demagnetization of the magnets is fully maximized.

BMD servomotors are designed to provide effective solutions where high dynamic performance, high efficiency and compactness are required, a combination of requirements which is ever more common in today’s competitive market.BMD servomotors are particularly well suited to applications in plastic and metal machining, packaging, food and beverage processing, winding, textile industries and general purpose applications, to name just a few.

The BMD range is optionally available with an internal additional flywheel mass.The addition of this option allows BMD to combine high torques and precision within a compact design. The result is a suitable match for equipment requiring higher inertial matching for the machine.

BMD offers a range of feedback options providing differing levels of accuracy and resolution, allowing it to be personalized  to suit applications such as resolvers, Hiperface and EnDAT protocols. BMD is available in Sensorless configurations, suited to those applications which are sensitive to overall dimensions and energy saving levels.

An optional electromechanical holding brake is available for all models. Brake operation is controlled entirely by the frequency inverter.

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