Voith Transmission Used in China’s Most Modern Buses

February 16, 2006—After the introduction of the first BRT "Bus Rapid Transit" line in Beijing in December 2004, Hangzhou is launching its own BRT line in April. As a result, more passengers can be transported to the city center without intermediate stops.

The buses are the most modern in China and are fitted with Voith DIWA transmissions, according to Voith's press release.

The BRT project is being treated as a governmental project of Hangzhou. The first BRT line of Hangzhou is planned to open to the public in April. Voith received an order for 48 DIWA transmissions after making a public bid for the BRT project and also plans to supply another six automatics for the next phase of the project.

The 48 complete buses will be supplied by Jinhua Neoplan Co. Ltd., the primary supplier for luxury buses in China. Their 18-meter articulated buses are fitted with MAN D2866LOH27 engines and imported axles. They will be the first 18 meter low-floor city buses in China.

"The Voith DIWA transmissions make our buses more competitive in the market," says the project manager of Jinhua Neoplan.

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