IMTS Preview: Magnetic Products

A number of products will be displayed in Booth # E-5803.

A number of products will be displayed in Booth # E-5803.

July 2, 2012—

Magnetic Products, Inc. (MPI), a worldwide provider of both magnetic and non-magnetic material handling solutions, will display a number of inventive products at IMTS in Chicago from September 10 - 15, 2012.  Products to be featured in MPI booth #E5803 include:

Eco-Mag: Eco-Mag is a high-intensity magnetic filter which significantly improves filtration efficiency over conventional systems. The Eco-Mag uses high-power neodymium rare earth magnets to remove ferrous and para-magnetic contamination from fluids and is particularly effective with machine tool oils, coolants and hydraulic fluid machinery systems. The environmentally friendly Eco-Mag does not use filter consumables.

Beltless Magnetic Conveyor (BLM): MPI's beltless magnetic conveyors (BLM), available in a variety of models, provide positive control of ferrous metal materials, such as stampings, turnings, chips, fasteners and scrap. Powerful permanent magnets are conveyed below a nonmagnetic stainless steel slider bed to move and convey ferrous metal objects. The liquid-tight sealed conveyor housing can be completely submerged in machine reservoir tanks, while the internal self-adjusting take-up system eliminates the need for maintenance.

Magnetic Extreme Coolant Cleaner (XCC): MPI's magnetic coolant cleaner boasts a significant improvement in ferrous swarf capture rate as compared to comparable machinery. The XCC features an extremely durable stainless steel cleaning surface that will not wear out. Magnetic technology is green, and substantially reduces the need to buy costly consumables and the downtime required to change paper filters.

Oil Skimmers: MPI provides a full line of compact, portable oil skimmers used to capture tramp oil on the surface of process fluids. A self-regulating tilting skimmer glides over the surface to collect oil while a pump ensures that unwanted fluids do not return to the tank.     

Magnetic Products, Inc. (MPI)