Hydraulic Principles and Applications

(September 17-20, 2012)Indianapolis. IDC University's Hydraulics Training is a comprehensive course covering the principles, functions and applications of low pressure/low force and high pressure/high force hydraulics. Students will receive instruction on the inner workings of hydraulic equipment (specifically how the components fit together and their functions); they will be able to identify the basics of pumps, cylinders, valves, motors and related systems; and they will learn how to identify applications in the field. This course serves as an introduction to basic hydraulic principles and applications. Course work combines classroom learning with hands-on training to achieve hydraulic product and system awareness and understanding. Students will be taught basic hydraulic principles related to pressure, force, area, flow and horsepower. In addition, students will understand options for hydraulic functions and fluid connectors. Course work will include hands-on training and case studies.

IDC University