Bauer Supplies Gear Motors for Bridge Construction

Mostovik Crane Factory turned to Bauer Gear Motor, an Altra Industrial Motion company, for suitable geared motors for a bridge construction project.

Mostovik Crane Factory turned to Bauer Gear Motor, an Altra Industrial Motion company, for suitable geared motors for a bridge construction project.

May 16, 2012—

Russky Island is located just off of Vladivostok, Russia, with the Eastern Bosphorous strait separating the island from the Muravyov-Amursky Peninsula. As part of a massive regeneration project, development work began to turn the island into a large-scale, state-of-the-art tourist resort. Plans were drawn up for the construction of a bridge that would link the island to the mainland. That same year, it was announced that these new facilities would host the APEC summit in September 2012. A fast-track construction schedule was initiated resulting in the last section of the central span being lifted into place on April 2, 2012. The bridge is expected to be opened for traffic by July 2, 2012.

With Vladivostok being the largest Pacific port in Russia, the bridge had to be high enough to allow passage for any class of vessel. In addition, the Eastern Bosphorous strait is 1,460 meters wide in the bridge project area. The finished bridge breaks numerous world records, rising more than 70 m above the high water level, with a central span 1,104 m long. Pylons 320 m high will hold stay cables 580 m long.

One of the most demanding phases of construction was the assembly of the central span, made up of 103 panels, each 12 m long, 26 m wide, and weighing a total of 23,000 tons. The panels are aerodynamically designed to give the bridge maximum stability in the high winds for which the region is renowned. The panels were delivered by barges which were carefully positioned under the installation using GLONASS, a Russian global satellite navigation system.

Lifting the enormous panels from the barges to an elevation of 70 m and into position was a precision operation taking about one and a half hours to complete. A special crane needed to be developed for this unique application. That development was put in the hands of the Mostovik Crane Factory, which specializes in the manufacture of large-capacity cranes for the most challenging applications. A custom-designed Mostovik derrick crane was installed on the bridge center span deck, cantilevered over the nose and facing toward the strait. The crane was equipped with a wind gage, a lifting height indicator, and an indicator that shows precise panel position during the lift.

The application requirements for this particular crane were especially demanding. Not only would it have to lift and safely position panels weighing more than 300 tons each, but it would have to operate reliably in extreme temperatures. Winter temperatures in the region can drop as low as -30°C. To meet these requirements, Mostovik Crane Factory turned to Bauer Gear Motor, an Altra Industrial Motion company, for suitable geared motors.

Bauer supplied BF Series geared motors, with torques from 10100-13400 Nm. Setting new standards for reliability, efficiency and economy, BF Series geared motors can be mounted in any required position - horizontally, vertically or suspended - to meet any application requirement. Total flexibility in mounting options includes shaft, foot, face and flange solutions. The motor terminal box can be mounted in alternative positions rotated in 90-degree steps around the motor frame, providing for unparalleled integration possibilities.

Generously dimensioned ball or roller bearings, case-hardened forged and ground gears, and internally and externally reinforced gearboxes ensure a long, low-maintenance service life. A hardened wear sleeve and spray ring at the rotor seal allow for reduced sump capacity, reliable lubrication and many years of leak-free performance.

For absolute reliability, the BF Series geared motors are completely enclosed and sealed to IP65 as standard (IP66 optional) against dust and water spray. Important for use in the Russky Island bridge application, the geared motors also provide comprehensive corrosion protection.

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