Auditing Management Systems-ISO 19011

(September 24-25, 2012)Fogelman Executive Conference Center, Memphis, Tennessee. This seminar is designed for auditors-in-training, auditors, audit supervisors and audit managers who have responsibility for auditing management systems. It covers in detail (a) the considerations for establishing the overall audit system (b) the differences in the processes for internal audit, supplier audit and third party audit, and (c) in anticipation of the forthcoming revision to ISO 19011, the process for performing an individual audit of any management system (e.g., quality, environmental, health, safety, security or any other management system other than financial). Upon completion of this seminar, one will be able to: understand and use audit terminology; understand the differences among internal, supplier and third party auditing systems; understand how to integrate the auditing process for all management systems other than financial; use a "compliance-based" or "effectiveness-based" audit objective; use a "risk-based" or non-risk based audit scope; use "system-based"/ "program-based", "performance-based" and "results-based" data collection; plan, perform and lead internal and supplier audits; design, develop and implement internal and supplier audit systems; manage or assess such systems.

Ben Marguglio
(845) 265-0123