Darali Cycloidal Drive Offers Unique Advantages

Darali Cycloidal Drive comes with various mounting and input configurations.

Darali Cycloidal Drive comes with various mounting and input configurations.

March 6, 2012—

Backed by ISO-9002 certified manufacturing, Darali Cycloidal Drive has the unique advantage of high efficiency, compactness, simple maintenance, 500 percent shock load capacity, and is stocked in Piscataway, New Jersey for quick delivery. Unlike a conventional gear mechanism that has shearing contact between gear teeth, the torque transmission components of cycloidal reducer undergo compression contact. In addition, 2/3 of ring gear pins/rollers (size B10 ~ B27) are engaged with cycloidal discs at all time to reduce speed and transmit torque. Furthermore, the Darali Drive torque transmitting components are made of bearing grade steel alloy, heat treated and hardened to Rockwell hardness of HRC 61 ~ 63.

With the unique speed reduction mechanism, single stage ratio ranges from 6:1 ~ 87:1. The physical size of the Darali Cycloidal Drive remains the same from 6:1 ~ 87:1, and there is no additional item to be maintained. Double reduction ratio ranges from 102:1 ~ 7569:1. Darali Cycloidal Drive comes with various mounting (foot, flange, face) and input configurations (shaft-in, c-face, top mount). Sizes are available to handle applications from fractional input hp to more than ½ million (500,000) in-lbs of output torque. Smaller units from size B08 to B12 are packed with maintenance-free grease lubrication. Larger sizes are oil lubricated with provisions of breather, easy drain, and sight glass. Spare parts are readily available. Certain spare parts, such as eccentric bearings, can also be used to repair other brand's cycloidal reducers.

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