Siemens Offers Three Week Delivery Time on 1FK7 Servomotors

This new service applies to over 100,000 possible servomotor configurations.

This new service applies to over 100,000 possible servomotor configurations.

September 29, 2011—

Siemens Industry, Inc. recently announced today a value-added service for its popular line of 1FK7 servomotors. Using a configurable options menu to build exactly the motor required, customers can now place an order for any Siemens 1FK7 servomotor and have it drop-shipped in three weeks. Thanks to the diverse range of options available, this new service applies to over 100,000 possible configurations. All compact (CT) and high-dynamic (HD) servomotors in the 1FK7 family are included. With a total of 6150 option pairings and 18 color choices, servomotors in the 1FK7 family can be configured to 110,700 possible designs.Options include stall torque and RPM rating, encoder style and bit resolution, holding brake functionality, shaft style, IP rating, AC line supply voltage and electronic nameplate recognition via Drive-Cliq.1FK7 geared motor options are not included in this program presently. Siemens is now making this service available to customers in the U.S. market. With the motion controller Simotion and the drive system Sinamics S stocked in the United States, Siemens is also able to supply complete motion control systems in three weeks' lead time.

According to Arun Jain, general manager, Siemens Motion Control Business, "We have made the commitment to significantly shorten servomotor delivery times. The 1FK7 family has a wide user base for motion control applications, so we have selected this very important line for our major customer service initiative. We have devised and implemented an entirely new protocol for motor manufacturing and production at our factories."

Siemens Drive Technologies Division