IPTEX 2012

(February 9-11, 2012)

Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai, India. India is rapidly turning into a global manufacturing hub, thanks to the country's manufacturing and engineering capabilities, vast pool of skilled expertise and its size. These qualities offer it a strategic advantage for the manufacturing segment. A large number of international companies in varied segments have already set up a manufacturing base in India and others are following suit. It only makes sense to bring this industry segment together under one roof to discuss the current trends and technology prevalent to the marketplace.

IPTEX 2012 has attracted companies such as Bonfiglioli, Gleason, KTR Coupling, Bevel Gears (India) and Gears & Gear Drives. "IPTEX 2012 will give us good reference in India which is one of the top ten countries in the industrial production. Bombay is the economical capital of India and we are expecting to meet many important international visitors and potential customers," says Andrea Genuini, country manager, India, industrial solutions business unit at Bonfiglioli.

The American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) and some of its members have extended their active support for IPTEX 2012, following participation in the 2010 show. "With some help from the gear manufacturers in India, Virgo Communications was able to organize a show that attracted a diverse group of gear/power transmission manufacturers as well as equipment suppliers as exhibitors," says Joe Franklin, AGMA president. "They were equally successful in generating a good audience for the show and even though the economy was just recovering in 2010, IPTEX was rated a success by all involved. I know from the published list of exhibitors and from a number I have spoken to who are planning to sign-up that next February's event will eclipse 2010."

The exhibition itself is expected to be much larger than the previous one in terms of participation, space utilization and visitor traffic. At IPTEX 2010, held from May 20-22 2010 at the Bombay Exhibition Center, participants from seven countries displayed products such as gears and gearboxes, gear machines and tools, linear transmission and drive systems, metrology products, software, bearings, transmission belts and other mechanical transmission products.

"The exhibition of 2010 has been considered a success in terms of qualified and specialized visitors who attended it. It was a great opportunity to reinforce our brand in the power transmission manufacturer's world and we were there with one of the more appreciated booths and qualified teams," Genuini says.

IPTEX 2010 had a turnout of more than 3,000 quality visitors from countries such as Brazil, Bangladesh, China, Ethiopia, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and India.

"It is well known that India is one of the fast growing countries in the world and this exhibition is considered one of the more specialized for our industrial sector," Genuini says. "To attend this fair will give the opportunity to meet important people working in the power transmission field, to meet global customers of several industrial sectors, to know the new products developed by our competitors and to understand their market approach."

Adds Franklin, "On behalf of AGMA, I am looking forward to taking our delegation of members to the show and then to see many of our members in India. Outside of North America, AGMA has more members in India than any other country. The delegation will consist of about 25 individuals traveling for about 10 days immediately after the IPTEX show."

Virgo Communications and Exhibitions