Bishop-Wisecarver Sponsors Cyclist for MS Fundraiser

Pamela Kan, president of Bishop-Wisecarver

Pamela Kan, president of Bishop-Wisecarver

August 31, 2011—

Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation recently announced their sponsorship of cyclist Chris Crawford in the Oregon Bike MS fundraiser earlier this month, a two-day bike ride event that benefits more than 7,200 people with multiple sclerosis that the National MS Society, Oregon Chapter serves each year. "I have friends and loved ones affected by MS, and so do many of our employees. As a company based on motion without limits, it's only befitting of us to get involved," said Pamela Kan, president of Bishop-Wisecarver, adding she has been a personal sponsor of Crawford for years. "I am very honored to have helped Chris support this cause. He is a true inspiration."

Crawford has been riding for the last 11 years in support of his sister Bonnie Iglesias who has been fighting MS for years, and as part of Bishop-Wisecarver's corporate involvement, the brother and sister team were encouraged to share their story on camera. "People are presented with so many worthwhile causes to support that they can become detached from what the cause is really all about," said Crawford. "In order to stand out and make a difference to them, we believe it has to be made personal. They have to see our own level of commitment and sacrifice.  They have to understand that it is personal to us."

Crawford and his sister have raised $250,000 since their first bike ride in 2000, and he credits this success to the personal stories they share publicly with their supporters. "The donations come from people who know that their support makes a difference in Bonnie's life and the lives of others connected to this event," said Crawford. "This reality has to be shared.  People need to be able to connect to this cause in a personal way, and know how much we appreciate their financial support. It truly makes a difference."

After the bike ride this year, he wrote a letter of his personal experiences to all of his supporters. The letter is published online on Bishop-Wisecarver's company blog while he continues to raise funds until the September 16th deadline. "I am so appreciative of the support and the commitment from Bishop-Wisecarver during this event and what it stands for.  Bishop-Wisecarver has made a significant effort -- financially and personally," said Crawford. "I believe these efforts and support will greatly accelerate the awareness of the disease and the need to support the MS fundraising effort."