Omron Offers Cost-Effective Safety Controller Monitoring

This simple plug-and-play touchscreen displays safety I/O error codes.

This simple plug-and-play touchscreen displays safety I/O error codes.

June 3, 2011—

Omron Scientific Technologies Inc. introduces the Status Display Touchscreen for G9SP Programmable Safety Controllers. This simple plug-and-play touchscreen displays safety I/O error codes and enables G9SP users to easily view the status of safety inputs and outputs without the cost of installing and wiring indicator lights. Users are able to reset up to four zones directly from the touchscreen. The touchscreen is easily integrated into existing G9SP applications, or is available with the G9SP as a complete programmable safety control and monitoring solution (kit). The status display touchscreen's front panel is 96.0 x 96.0 x 7.0 mm, with an active display area of 58.5 x 58.5 mm. The display is LCD monotone, with 16 shades of gray. It is rated to provide in excess of 1,000,000 touchscreen operations, and satisfies relevant IEC and EN standards.

Also newly available for the G9SP is an EIP module that enables programmable devices that follow ODVA guidelines for EtherNet/IP to communicate with G9SP controllers. These include Omron CJ and CS series PLCs, and Rockwell Automation CompactLogix and ControlLogix series programmable controllers. The result is a complete solution that makes it possible for users to quickly and easily monitor the operation of a G9SP safety controller, and to send non-safety data to that controller. This valuable information can be reviewed or combined with manufacturing process data, helping users to more efficiently achieve their productivity goals.

G9SP are software-based stand-alone controllers that are quickly programmed to satisfy the complex safety control needs of small and mid-sized machines, and are easily reconfigured to solve evolving machine set-up needs.  Three base models with a range of I/O options are available to satisfy varied application requirements, and four types of expansion I/O units are available for hard-wired diagnosis or standard signals.  The EIP module is available with the G9SP as a complete safety controller solution (kit).

"Using the G9SP's unique and intuitive programming software users can easily design, verify, standardize and reuse safety control. And because the G9SP isn't hardwired into the control system, users will benefit from previously unavailable levels of safety system flexibility by quickly and easily reconfiguring the unit when new safety features are added to their set-up," says Kenji Kawasaki , product manager, Omron STI.

G9SP programmable safety controllers are suitable for stand-alone safety control solution in packaging, food and beverage, automotive component, injection molding, and printing applications where customer-driven machine set-up changes demand equally flexible safety solutions. These controllers can also seamlessly connect to an Omron PLC and communicate using the FINS protocol for a complete Omron control solution platform.

G9SP programmable safety controllers deliver clear diagnostics and monitoring via Ethernet or Serial connection, and support direct connection with safety light curtains, safety laser scanner, non-contact switches and safety mats.  They are ISO 13849-1(PLe) and IEC61508 (SIL3) certified.

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