Emerson Motors Upgrade Customer Service Center and Catalog Listing of NEMA-Approved Motors

December 12, 2005—Emerson Motor Technologies added motor conversion capabilities to its southern California customer service center.

"Our Chino customer service center now has the ability to provide common motor conversions such as adding "c" and "D' flanges, cast iron fan guard and space heaters to many of our in-stock products," Kline said. "With more than 800 Emerson and U.S. motors rating in stock, the motors our customers need and conversions they want are now at one location, ready for fast delivery."

Emerson Motor also announced that it's simplified the process for federal procurement agencies to find and order electric motors that meet or exceed NEMA premium efficiency standards.

The company's new catalog for its lineup of electric motors identifies the nominal NEMA premium efficiency of each motor so customers can easily make product comparisons. Each product nameplate is marked withthe NEMA Premium logo to provide visible assurance that federal purchasers are complying with FEMP requirements.

"Emerson premium electric motrs are built to these standards and federal facilities can use Emerson's premium products without the addition of new startes or wiring to an existing system," said Jim Lindemann, executive vice president and business leader of Emerson Motor Technologies. "Using Emerson electric motors built to NEMA Premium standards also allows federal facilities to maintain existing compliance to local electric codes and safety regulations."

Emerson offers three lines of motors that are designed and manufactured to NEMA standards, including:

--Industrial cast iron for hostile, severe environments.

--Commercial service motors used in offices, schools and federal facilities.

--HVAC motors for air moving and air conditioning applications.