Kollmorgen Releases AKM 8 Motor Series

Kollmorgen introduces AKM 8 servomotors, the latest addition to the company's global, AKM motor series. AKM 8 motors deliver higher t...
January 12, 2011—

Kollmorgen introduces AKM 8 servomotors, the latest addition to the company's global, AKM motor series. AKM 8 motors deliver higher torque density to cover the broadest torque/speed range in a housing that is 30 percent shorter than any standard motor in its class available today.  As a result machine builders can reduce the size of their machines without sacrificing performance, or they can select a longer stack length to achieve higher performance without having to specify a larger, more expensive motor that would typically require mechanical changes to the machine. "The AKM high performance motor series offers a wide range of mounting, connectivity, feedback and other options and, with the addition of the AKM8, is now available in eight frame sizes, 28 frame/stack combinations and 112 ‘standard' windings. The result is unprecedented choice and flexibility to satisfy the exact needs of even more global applications, with the favorable delivery times and lower cost of a standard product. This is particularly significant for today's machine builders who need to get a better, globally-deployable, machine to market, faster," says Gene Matthews, product manager.

The AKM 8 is available in two standard flange/shaft combinations designed to seamlessly integrate with 80-90 percent of machine builder needs around the globe, with no modifications to the customer flange needed. As standard, AKM 8 windings are designed to operate at 230, 400, 480 VAC, eliminating the need for voltage transformation for machines that will be deployed in various geographic regions. AKM 8 motors feature Class F insulation for a temperature rating of 155 degrees C, and provide stall torque from 75 to 180 Nm, operating speeds up to 2500 rpm, and power up to 19.8 KW, with bearing lifetime rated to 20,000 h. These motors are RoHS and REACH compliant, UL listed, and carry the CE mark. 

"A low-cog design provides smooth performance to maximize power efficiency and improve the quality of final product, making it a particularly attractive motor solution in metal forming and processing, printing, converting, molding and alternative energy applications, among others," explains Matthews.

All AKM series motors feature a robust one-piece housing with potted windings for maximum wire isolation and excellent heat dissipation, resulting in robust performance and long life in even the most demanding application environments.  Market-standard high resolution feedback options for high- performance/precision or rugged environments are available, including Endat, BISS, Hiperface, and resolver option, among others.  AKM motors are available for low or high speed (to 8000 rpm) applications, with windings that can be applied to all standard global voltages including 75 VDC, 120, 240, 400 and 480 VAC.  A number of options are available to satisfy wide ranging application needs including a reinforced bearing to handle higher radial force, a sealing option to achieve IP67 protection at the flange, as well as varied connectivity and mounting options.

For truly unique applications where the more than 200,000 standard AKM offerings don't meet the requirements of a given application, the Kollmorgen engineering support team can work alongside OEMs to customize a solution to satisfy their needs. AKM motors can also be combined with Kollmorgen's AKD servo drives. The AKD series ensures plug-and-play commissioning for instant, seamless access to everything in the machine. No matter what the application demands, AKD offers industry-leading servo performance, communication options and power levels, all in a smaller footprint than competitive options.