Parker Releases ToolSpec for Assembly Operations

December 21, 2010—

ToolSpec, the new web-based app from Parker Hannifin Corporation, a manufacturer of motion and control technologies, makes it fast and easy to choose the equipment necessary to perform a variety of standard tube assembly operations. Determining the appropriate equipment for an operation is much easier with ToolSpec because it applies basic information supplied by users to find a suitable match. ToolSpec directs users to the correct equipment and tooling after the user enters information about the operation. Rather than simply listing the operations, ToolSpec describes them in detail, as well as the function of the selected equipment. First, users select the operation to be performed: pre-set, flange, bend, flare, cut or deburr. Next, they select the equipment on which the operation will be performed. ToolSpec then narrows the search with additional specifications relative to the equipment chosen. Once the pertinent information has been provided, the app displays the final selection, showing appropriate tooling for the user's particular need. ToolSpec further provides users with relevant equipment manuals and operation details. Parker's free-to-use ToolSpec app can be found at

Parker Hannifin