Voith Delivers 10,000 Transmissions in 2004

April 16, 2005—For the first time in the history of Voith's commercial vehicle transmission product group, they have delivered 10,000 DIWA transmissions.

According to the company's press release, the number of units sold between 2003-2004 is nearly double that of the sales in the past five years. Additionally, the market share with key customers have been expanded from 30% to slightly less than 50%--without significant market growth.

The DIWA transmission was developed for city bus application. Its latest generation, the DIWA.5, operates as a systems partner for city bus drive transmissions.

Voith Turbo specializes in hydrodynamic drives, couplings, and braking system for road, rail and industrial application as ship propulsion. Voith Turbo is a part of the Group Division of Voith Corp.

Voith Turbo
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