Fundamentals of Rotating Machinery

(October 13, 2010)LMS North America, Troy, MI. More than ever, the engineering of rotating equipment is under pressure to deliver better performance with reduced noise/vibration and increased durability. This seminar is designed to help you answer questions like: 

  • What is an Order?
  • How does it help identify noise and vibration issues?
  • What is Torsional Vibration? What type of problems does it cause, and how can they be solved?
  • Can viewing data in degrees/revolutions, rather than time/frequency, give additional insight into noise and vibration issues?
  • What kinds of unique problems do gears and bearings have? How can they be analyzed and solved?
  • What are the unique issues for pumps and electric motors?  How can one diagnose a frequency spectrum to determine the issue?
  • Can I identify and resolve rotating machinery issues before building physical prototypes, or even before CAD creation?

Nicole Ellison, Marketing Communications Manager
LMS North America
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Troy, MI 48098
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