SEW-Eurodrive Introduces New Food Industry Drive System

April 29, 2005—The Food Industry Option Package from SEW-Eurodrive is a drive system with specialized components to meet the damp conditions and chemical washdown requirements of the food industry. This package includes a two-year warranty covering any motor failure resulting from moisture damage.

The package features TorqLOC, the company’s patented keyless hollow-shaft mounting system designed especially for the food industry. TorqLOC eliminates the need to supply a key or turn the shaft to exacting tolerances. Its interchangeable, tapered bushings fit a variety of standard shaft sizes without additional machining and permits easy removal after years of use.

Key features include FT, KT, or ST gearboxes with symmetrical stainless steel output shafts. Gearmotors also include specially designed PTFE seals to keep water out. Seals are constructed from the same material found in Teflon. Each gearmotor contains a seal on its outer shaft, a V-ring at the motor fan and a non-PTFE seal on the motor shaft.

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