Coupling Design Allows Simple Radial Exchange

June 2, 2010—

The Centaflex Series AR rubber-in-compression flexible coupling incorporates a patented split through one of the axial aluminum inserts, which enables the end user to quickly install a replacement coupling element without needing to disturb the mounting or alignment of the driver and driven components.

The patented design wraps around the existing hubs and bolts in place with existing coupling hardware. It is available in sizes 025 through 600. The new component allows for simple radial exchange of coupling elements for any close-coupled system through approximately 2,000 horsepower at 1,750 rpm rating, 70,800 lb-in nominal torque. The split element enhances the coupling's benefits of increased misalignment capacity, low bearing/shaft reaction forces, vibration and noise damping, as well as quick, easy maintenance.

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