Crouzet Expands BLDC Power Range

A line of high-performance, geared BLDC motors (pictured) is available with a complete tool kit of selectable gearboxes, controllers, bra...
July 28, 2010—

A line of high-performance, geared BLDC motors (pictured) is available with a complete tool kit of selectable gearboxes, controllers, brakes and smart drives from Crouzet North America, a company of Custom Sensors and Technologies. The motor's concept allows different configurations to be assembled quickly for fast prototyping while providing a complete automated solution tailored for individual customer needs.

The motor line provides more options for Crouzet's motor offerings. "Crouzet has expanded the continuous power range of the BLDC motors it offers from 30-100 watts to 17-205 watts," says Jim McNamara, Crouzet application engineer. "The gearboxes used in this product are designed for a longer service life than other Crouzet models."

The low-cost BLDC motors feature a wide selection range for power, speed, torque and size. The motors include continuous power up to 400 watts, speeds between 1,500 and 6,100 rpm and motor constants up to 15 ounces per square root watt (103 mNm per square root watt). Maximum torque constants feature up to 198 ounce-inches/amp (1,400 mNm/amp). The six new models include two round and four square designs with lengths ranging from 41 millimeters to 114 millimeters. Motors can be ordered with a factory-mounted optical or magnetic encoder and can be fitted with electromechanical fail safe power-off brakes.

"The power range of 17 to 205 watts is best for small, but not micro applications," McNamara says.

Compatible gearboxes feature spur, planetary and worm styles with torques from 0.4 Nm to 120 Nm. The BDE30 and BDE40 external drives are offered in 6A or 14A max respectively. Internal drives are available on BLDC motors that feature power ranges from 40 to 100 watts.  "Accessories include right angle and planetary gearboxes, brakes and encoders, and external drives," McNamara says.

The motor control solution is appropriate for a range of applications in the medical and industrial markets. Uses include automation for endoscopy, x-ray and dental equipment, robotic pool equipment, peristaltic pumps, access control, printing and bill boards. "One customer uses our 80 watt BLDC motor with an integrated controller in a solar powered pump application," McNamara says. "Another customer uses a BLDC motor with a controller for automatic subway doors that provides high acceleration and dynamic braking."

The motor line was in development by Crouzet for about two years. "Crouzet's goal in developing this new product was to satisfy premium application performance requirements beyond Crouzet's previous offerings," McNamara says. "This product line offers increased performance with expanded power range and service life over other Crouzet products."

Crouzet typically adapts products for specific customer requests. "Our new ‘tool kit' approach of interchangeable motors, gearboxes, controllers, brakes and smart drives allows us to provide fast, automated solutions at an excellent value."

Crouzet also recently released the BDE40 Controller as a complement to its line of standard and custom Brushless DC motors. The BDE40 can be used with most three-phase brushless Hall effect motors in a range of motion control applications, and it includes four-quadrant functionality and load resistor protection.

The device features a four-quadrant design for applications that require standard forward and reverse motor control as well as closed-loop speed control for motor slowing and stopping. Typical applications include control for production conveyor belts, production robot trolley wheels, medical, food mixing machines, cutting and packaging machines and other applications with 12 or 24 volt power supplies that need powerful motors.

The BDE40 delivers up to 360 watts with 11 to 36 VDC, 10 amps nominal and a maximum continuous current of 14 amps. Resistors protect against over-current, polarity inversion and short circuiting. Other performance features include an absorbed current of 0.1 amps, temperature rise of 50 degrees Celsius, ambient operating temperature of 20-40 degrees Celsius and storage temperature of 40-90 degrees Celsius.

The BDE40 can be used as a stand-alone controller, connected to a PLC or driven by potentiometers. The unit comes standard with guide, braking resistor, protection diodes and connectors.

"The new controller was introduced to provide a convenient new solution for our customers," McNamara says. "Brushless DC motors always require a driver, and by offering a universal-type controller solution, our customers don't need to go elsewhere to complete the package."

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