Gearbox System Design Seminar

(April 13-15, 2010)

Concordville, Pa.

This program will help address what you can do to optimize the gearbox system - from the housings to the lubrication and much more.

The concept of a detailed design layout "Bible" will be introduced and explained as the basis for the overall design and analysis. The specific topics will include:

  • Types of housing construction
  • Drawing practices for housings and related components, such as covers, inspection ports, sump, mounting, etc.
  • Bearing mounting, retention and sealing
  • Selection and role of gearbox accessories, such as breathers, filters, screens, sight gauges and other level indication devices, drain and sampling ports and plugs, etc.
  • Lubricant selection; i.e. chemistry
  • Lubrication application (dip, splash, etc.)