Gearing catalog highlights product offerings

March 17, 2010—

Power Transmission Solutions, a business within Emerson Industrial Automation, introduces the consolidated gearing catalog, an effective and easy resource tool for customers looking to order traditional gearing products.  The catalog illustrates Power Transmission Solutions' product offerings and capabilities across all application needs. 

Emerson Industrial Automation offers customized solutions that aim to simplify and improve customers' business processes. Customers can order the Shaft Mount Worm Gear and Bevel Reducer Catalog or any other collateral materials by logging into the literature portal on the Emerson website and selecting the product literature icon.  

Product lines featured in the catalog include:

  • Browning TorqTaper Plus shaft mounted reducers
  • Morse Raider Plus standard, washdown and stainless steel worm gear reducers (single and double reduction)
  • Morse Cobra worm gear reducers
  • Morse PoweRgear worm gear reducers
  • Browning IRA worm gear reducers
  • Browning ARA/HB/HSB bevel gear reducers
  • Morse M series bevel gear reducers
  • Emerson stainless steel and industrial c-face motors

In addition to making product selection easier, improvements to the gearing product line include:

  • Page 26 - Browning TorqTaper Plus 407, 415, 507 and 608 shaft mounts
    • Includes the patented Barrier seal system and stabilizer ring
    • Redesigned motor mounts for carrying larger motor frame sizes
  • Page 26 - Browning 800SMTP TorqTaper Plus
    • New solution for higher HP applications
    • Ability to mount on an 8 inch diameter shaft
  • Page 122 - Browning belt guards
    • New oval shaped design and split back for installation after belt drive is installed
    • Hinged for easy access
  • Page 122 - Browning bushing guards
    • Covers the exposed rotating bolt heads of the bushing
    • Ability to install on an existing mounted unit
  • Pages 74-121 - Browning V-belt drives for Browning TorqTaper Plus
    • Pre-selected drives for traditional shaft mount reducer applications
  • Pages 152-251  - Morse Raider Plus worm gear reducers
    • Innovative c-face input connection minimizes fretting corrosion and input seal damage during assembly
    • Computerized worm and gear centering process and increased ratings
  • Pages 474-479  - Browning industrial c-face motors
    • High efficiency/modular design
    • Innovative brake mechanism