ASPE Spring Topical Meeting

(April 11-13, 2010)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.

This Third Meeting on the Control of Precision Systems will focus on new developments and fundamental techniques in feedback control as applied to precision motion control systems.  The control of precision systems encompasses a wide range of applications in high-speed, high-accuracy manufacturing and automation. The growth of nanotechnology and nanoscale manufacturing has further raised the positioning requirements for machine designers. The performance of such systems, instruments, devices, and processes depends intimately upon the innovative application of feedback principles due to the large dynamic range of controlled variables and the sensitivity to effects that might be ignorable in conventional systems.

This conference is intended to promote a broader understanding of the principles and techniques applicable for precision control, to highlight the challenges and achievements unique to the field, to bring together specialists and practitioners from industry, government, and academia for the exchange of ideas and to identify topics for further research. The conference schedule will include a full-day tutorial, technical presentations by industry and academic experts, laboratory tours and unstructured time to allow for networking and social interactions.

Erika Layne
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