Mechatronic Toolkit Integrates Software, Design Engineering

Mechaware 4.0 from Kollmorgen is a mechatronic "toolkit" that enables software and design engineers to work together designing,...
February 8, 2010—

Mechaware 4.0 from Kollmorgen is a mechatronic "toolkit" that enables software and design engineers to work together designing, testing and modifying custom motion algorithms in a fraction of the time and cost of other methods. This latest upgrade uses MATLAB/Simulink from The Mathworks to model and seamlessly integrate mechanical systems and control software identically. This results in faster design cycles, improved motion system performance with reduced power consumption and faster time to market.

"Motion system vibration can create significant problems by limiting throughput, creating noise and reducing component life. It further impacts machine quality and reliability, consuming excessive energy and forcing expensive mechanical structures to accommodate," says Joshua Jensen, product manager. "With MechaWare 4.0, design engineers can rapidly design and implement unique control algorithms and generate embedded motion routines to engineer an exact-fit control solution, saving time, material cost and overall system cost-of-ownership. Additionally, OEMs can test and validate their design using Matlab/Simulink's powerful simulation engine, and use integrated analysis tools such as Kollmorgen's Bode Tool to accurately characterize system performance and quickly tune the motors."

MechaWare 4.0 features over 80 MechaWare blocks for motion control, all of which are matched to controller firmware performance to ensure control model behavior matches the actual hardware response. The software's graphical interface enables control engineers to minimize development cycles and simplify machine design. They can also embed inverse kinematic calculations in firmware for customized, real-time performance, define coordinate transformations for better system accuracy based on registration mark or vision system input, and users can create motion and I/O routines in firmware for reduced latency and improved safety.

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