Video Features the Center Distance Designer for Selecting the Right Timing Belt and Pulley Drive

October 19, 2009—

A new video from Stock Drive Products features the Center Distance Designer program developed by SDP/SI to make it easy to design a timing belt and pulley drive system.  The Center Distance Designer is a tool used to determine the center distance or belt length of a belt drive system. Instead of doing the calculations and looking through tables of information, this tool does it in a few simple steps. It easily finds the timing pulley ratio, the center distance between two pulleys or the most suitable belts based on the given parameters. Timing belt drives covered include both inch and metric: .080" (MXL), .0816" (40 D.P.), .200" (XL), .375" (L), 2 mm (GT®2), 3 mm (GT®2), 5 mm (GT®2), 3 mm (HTD®), 5 mm (HTD®), T2.5, T5 and T10.

Quotes, online orders, available stock, and 3D CAD Model downloads are available at our new eStore at: SDP/SI offers over 100,000 power transmission components including: gears, belt and chain drives, shafts, shaft accessories, bearings, couplings, universal joints, vibration mounts, miscellaneous components, hardware, gearheads and speed reducers, right angle drives, brakes and clutches, motors and gearmotors.

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