Dodge Steel-Housed Bearing Installs, Removes Quickly

April 3, 2009—The Dodge Imperial HD mounted roller bearing from Baldor Electric Company features a cast-steel housing and is designed for heavy-duty applications. The steel housings are available in pillow block, flange, edger flange and piloted flange configurations. 

The bearing is easy to mount and dismount because of an adapter mount system. The adapter nut is turned clockwise to tighten the adapter on the shaft using the Imperial insert. The adapter nut is held in place by a lock plate, and feeler gauges are unnecessary in setting the bearing's clearance. While operating, the adapter sleeve aids concentricity and minimizes vibration.

The Imperial's insert has a built-in bearing puller, so the shaft is easy to remove by taking out the lock plate and turning the nut counter-clockwise, so the bearing slides off the shaft.

The bearing elements are shielded by a nitrile, multiple-lip seal that resists heat and chemical breakdown. High-temperature and high-speed capabilities are achieved when an optional metallic labyrinth seal is paired with the standard steel cage. End caps are also an option for added protection.

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