Metal Bonding Adhesive Exhibits Superior Strength

March 30, 2009—

Master Bond's Supreme 10HT is a one-part heat resistant adhesive formulated to cure at elevated temperatures and effectively applied on dissimilar metal substrates with different melting points. It evenly distributes stress loads over a broad bonding line rather than a concentrated area, thereby reducing stress on joints. Serviceable over a wide temperature range of 4 K to over 400 degrees F, it exhibits high resistance to factors affecting the metal bond strength, such as impact, thermal shock, vibration and fatigue cracking. In addition, this metal adhesive withstands severe thermal cycling and resists many chemicals including water, oil, fuels and most organic solvents, even upon prolonged exposures. It has been tested for and meets NASA low outgassing specifications.

Master Bond Supreme 10HT achieves strong bonds featuring high shear and peel strength between aluminum, brass, titanium, steel, Nitenol, Kovar as well as between rubbers and plastic to metal. Processing advantages facilitate the handling of the adhesive; no mixing is necessary prior to use, the high viscosity remains constant with time and unlimited working life is retained at room temperature.

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