Human Error Prevention Seminar

(February 3-4, 2009)

Holiday Inn Select Airport South, College Park, GA. In addition to discovery and invention, human error prevention can be the greatest contributor to improved productivity, safety and quality.  The principles and practices of human error prevention are universally applicable regardless of the type of industrial, commercial or government enterprise, and regardless of the type of function performed within the enterprise. Persons responsible for improving productivity, safety and quality should consider attending this Atlanta-area seminar.

This seminar includes the latest developments in human error prevention. Instructor Ben Marguglio's new taxonomy of human error causal factors and his human error-related models demonstrate his leadership in this subject. Examples and case studies reinforce the human error prevention principles and practices.

This seminar covers classifications of human error; the four levels of human error; the three levels of barriers to human error and to the hazards activated by human error; the four types of barriers at each barrier level; methods by which to make barriers effective; error-inducing conditions, behaviors to counteract error-inducing conditions; thought processes and behaviors leading to non-conservative decisions; thought processes and behaviors leading to conservative decisions; techniques to prevent recurrence of error-e.g., coaching; metrics; and defense in depth.

Ben Marguglio
(845) 265-0123