Robobusiness Conference and Exposition 2008

(April 8-10, 2008)David Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA. The fifth installment of the Robobusiness Conference and Exposition, sponsored by the integrated media firm Robotics Trends, is devoted to applying emerging mobile robotics and intelligent systems technology to developing new products and markets addressing sales, marketing and partnering strategies. The conference aims to bring emerging robotics technology into the mainstream spectrum by emphasizing the business facet of the industry. This year’s event will highlight “Achieving Autonomy” as a theme with a new space dedicated to healthcare robotics called “RoboMedicus.” Over the course of two days, nine categories will be featured at the conference including business development and investment, technology and standards, applications and products, security and defense, intelligent transportation and consumer robotics. Drastic changes in the robotics market has occurred since the first Robobusiness Conference and Exposition in 2004, according to Robotics Trends, so attendees can expect to see the latest robotics technology extended over a larger range of applications. For more information, visit