Compact Pneumatic Mini Slide Positions Accurately

March 17, 2008—Festo Corporation’s pneumatic mini slide DGSL features an integrated bearing system that is accurate to .01 mm and has linearity and parallelism in the 1/100 mm range, so the slide can be used as a pick-and-place system or for precise positioning.  

The DGSL has an optional clamping unit and end-position interlock to avoid unwanted load drops onto workpiece carriers, which might occur with a compressed air supply breakdown, and protects against an emergency stop scenario. A piggyback configuration can be arranged without adapter plates.

The DGSL comes in eight sizes ranging from four to 20 mm diameter with strokes up to 200 mm to encompass a variety of functions including those for the electronics industry, which requires tiny parts to be managed with great precision in potentially small areas. The mini slide offers flexibility with three end-stop systems—shock-absorber, cushioned metal stops and polymer stops.

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