PMI Announces New Capillary Flow Porometer for Cartridge Media

While similar to our other Capillary Flow Porometers, this new CapFlow has unique features which our other machines do not have.

March 24, 2008—

Due to the extremely high pressure used when testing the samples, PMI has implemented some safety features unique to the Capillary Flow Porometer. The first safety feature is the safety lock, which is software controlled. This means it can only be locked and unlocked by the computer software used in testing the sample. Another key feature of this safety lock is that it will not unlock until the pressure inside the sample chamber reaches zero. The other new safety feature of this machine is the 3/8” thick safety glass on the door. This safety glass is thicker than our standard 1/4” glass and can contain any failures sustained within the sample chamber.


The CFPC is rated for 500 psi maximum pressure in the sample chamber and can test pore sizes ranging from 0.013 – 80 microns (but can be customized for higher). The machine has a Standard Liters Per Minute (SLPM) of 200 and performs the following tests:

• Bubble Point (Maximum Through Pore Diameter)

• Through Pore Size Distribution

• Mean Flow Pore Diameter

• Pressure Hold

• Gas Permeability


The sample chamber has the ability to test cartridges up to 25cm long, and can have many different sized adapters customized to suit your needs. For more information on this or any of PMI’s machines or services, visit our website or call 1-800-TALK-PMI.

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