IMS Unveils Low Noise Planetary Gear Drives

New Product Release

IMS GEAR Planetary Gears Inc has recently completed the development and introduction of a new line of low noise ge...
February 13, 2008—IMS Gear Planetary Gears Inc. recently completed a new line of low-noise gear modules for their range of planetary gear units. Capitalizing on the modular gear system, IMS has expanded their existing product range by adapting low noise helical gear modules in the first stage. These new low-noise modules feature a combination of diametral pitch, number of teeth, helix angle, gear face width and choice of various materials. The low noise gear modules are adaptable to seven sizes from diameters 32 mm to 105 mm, and are available for the NEMA 14, 17, 23, 34 and 42 style units.

IMS Gear Planetary Gears Inc