Flomerics Offers FloXpress Simulation Software

January 14, 2008—


Flomerics Inc. recently announced that its FloXpress simulation software will be available free of charge to all SolidWorks 2008 users. FloXpress is a cut-down version of its COSMOSFloWorks product that enables engineers and designers to simulate complex, 3D fluid flow and heat transfer processes via a user interface.


According to the company’s press release, FloXpress will enable users to predict and optimize flow and heat transfer processes without leaving the SolidWorks environment. It utilizes a CAD-to-CFD technology to detect and mesh fluid regions within the model.


“Now, for the first time, FloXpress enables all SolidWorks users to try their hand at fluid flow simulation free of charge and find out just how quick and easy it can be,” says Mike Reynell, director of marketing at Flomerics.

Flomerics Inc.
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