Heidenhain Introduces Bearingless Angle Encoders

November 20, 2007—

The ERP 4080 and the ERP 8080 angle encoders offer a combination of small signal periods and large mounting tolerances for highly resolved and accurate machine applications. Developed by Heidenhain, these encoders are typically used in clean environments in the electronics industry or in the production and testing of storage media.


The ERPs utilize a scanning method that is illuminated by a spot laser (VCSEL). The electronics integrated in the scanning head boast position stability and reproducibility. Measurements in the single digit nanoradian realm can be achieved.


Heidenhain Corp. is a manufacturer of precision instrument and control equipment. The product line includes linear scales, rotary and angular encoders, digital readouts, digital length gages, CNC controls and machine inspection equipment.


Heidenhain Corp.