Lenze Expands Range of Geared Servo Motors

November 15, 2007—

The MC range of Lenze motors has recently expanded to cover more than 7,500 selections with in-line or right-angle gearboxes. According to the company’s press release, this range includes synchronous motors with rated torques from 0.6 to 32 Nm, as well as asynchronous motors from 2 to 55 Nm. Options for the motors include resolvers or encoders which can be incremental or absolute, and integrated, permanent-magnet holding brakes.


Selections are fully documented with data on torques, inertias, service factors and thermal/mechanical limits, allowing the design engineer to match the drive to the load to achieve optimum performance.  A small helical gearbox has also been added to the lineup with ratios from 2.5 to 60 and output torques up to 45 Nm.


Lenze Ltd.