MAG IAS Develops Control System For Machine Tool & Automation Builders

October 25, 2007—

Due to an increased demand for a faster, more efficient control system, MAG Industrial Automation Systems has formed a new business venture called Infimatic. The business is set to meet the changing needs of machine tool and automation builders with the Freedom Universal Control System, a platform designed for performance and value in the durable-goods industry.


According to the company’s press release, Infimatic is responsible for developing a modular control system with a tough hardware architecture and high-productivity software platform. The first product line offered by Infimatic is the Freedom NC200, a CNC control system designed for equipment applications ranging from automation to five-axis contour metal-cutting.


“For the first time, the genesis of a new controls platform has been derived from a knowledge base that includes machine tool design, machining process development and a deep understanding of CNC from the user’s point of view,” says Pete Tecos, vice president of sales and marketing at Infimatic. “The 12 companies that comprise Infimatic’s parent-company MAG IAS have combined their decades of machine tool and control design experience to evaluate and optimize a powerful, modular and scalable control platform.”


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