UNILOAD Vibration Mount Catalog from AAC Features Constant Natural Frequency Mounts (CNF Type)

A new vibration mount catalog, "UNILOAD™ Constant Natural Frequency Mounts, V105” has been released by Advanced Anti...
September 27, 2007—

A new vibration mount catalog, "UNILOAD Constant Natural Frequency Mounts, V105” has been released by Advanced Antivibration Components - AAC. These new patented mounts automatically adjust their stiffness in response to load. Using conventional constant stiffness isolating mounts requires determining the position of the center of gravity, complex calculations and use of different mounts for the same machine, potentially resulting in poor isolation quality. CNF Uniload™ mounts can be used without any calibration for a wide range of loads.

The catalog includes a 9-page technical article explaining the unique features of these mounts which appeared in the July 2006 issue of Sound & Vibration Magazine. The article was written by a well-known expert in this field, Dr. Eugene I. Rivin at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. Additional technical data about these constant-frequency mounts are featured in the ASME 432-page book authored by Dr. Rivin entitled "Passive Vibration Isolation."

The catalog includes both inch and metric sizes as well as quantity pricing for these mounts which are all available from stock for immediate delivery. These mounts, identified as the V10Z24 Series, are stocked in models for both nonimpact and heavier impact uses. Applications include but not limited to lathes, printing, grinding and crushing machines.

Machines frequently have an unequal weight distribution as well as rotating or reciprocating heavy parts. Typically, vibration isolators have constant stiffness; i.e., the force vs. deflection curve is a straight line, which results in disruption of performance of vibration isolation. However, the UNILOAD mounts incorporate embedded internal gaps and supports which increase their stiffness proportionally with the applied load. Therefore, the UNILOAD mounts natural frequencies will remain constant regardless of the changes in the load, while not requiring any calculations (such as C.G. position, weight distribution between mounts, etc).

Additional specifications are contained in “UNILOAD Constant Natural Frequency Mounts, V105” which is available free upon request from Advanced Antivibration Components - AAC, 2101 Jericho Turnpike, Box 5416, New Hyde Park, New York 11042-5416. Phone: 516-328-3662 FAX: 516-328-3365. The entire catalog is viewable and downloadable in both .PDF and .HTML formats at: www.vibrationmounts.com

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