New Single Axis Servo Controller Offers Solution to Single Axis Automation Projects

August 8, 2007—

Techno Inc.  introduced its new Phoenix single-axis servo controller for  single-axis automation projects. 

This package includes a servo controller, drive, power supply, enclosure, wiring, cabling and software.

As a standalone unit, it does not require a PC to operate, only to program. The Phoenix I controls a single belt slide, ball screw slide or rotary table with servomotor. The jog buttons on the front allow for manual positioning without the PC being connected.  

Joseph Griffin, sales manager, says, “The Phoenix single-axis servo controller allows the user to concentrate on their application without sourcing and integrating multiple components from multiple suppliers.”

According to the company's press release, this product has a 2-line LCD display, 6 amps of continuous torque, and 12 amps peak on a 48V drive.  All parts are pre-wired . Phoenix I comes fully assembled with input/output capability and easy-to-use USB ports so that you can simply plug it in, turn it on, and start your production.

Techno Inc.
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