QC Industries Extends Conveyor Warranty

August 6, 2007—

 QC Industries extended the warranty on all new conveyors to five years as part of its initative to reduce customer maintenance costs.

"In our eyes, the length of the warranty is directly related to the quality of the conveyor," says Dave Endres, QC Industries' general manager.

According to the company's press release, QC Industries conveyors include belts pre-tensioned at the factory using a unique eccentric system that ensures proper belt tensioning, even after belt changes. A steel straight-knurl drive pulley is designed to prevent belt wear. The full warranty details are available at the company's website.

In addition to the five year warranty, QC Industries has also began using lube-for-life bearings.

QC Industries conveyors can be adapted to applications, including packaging, automation, medical product and device manufacturing, assembly, material handling, manufacturing, clean rooms, and more.



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