Moticont Enhances Open Aperture Voice Coil Stages

Open Aperture Voice Coil Stages

Open Aperture Voice Coil Stages

November 22, 2021—
The Moticont’s HCDS-051-064 Series of Open Aperture Voice Coil Stages are linear DC motor (also called voice coil) driven stages.  Designed for closed loop servo operation, an integral quadrature optical encoder with differential outputs is standard. The stages are: Clean, quiet, and efficient, with low inertia, high acceleration, and high speed.  Each stage has a built-in home switch for accurate initialization upon power up. These compact open aperture stages have a footprint of just 11.500 in. (292.1mm) long x 4.000 (101.6 mm) wide x 3.755 in. (95.4 mm) high. They are ideal for: Laser drilling and milling, optical focusing, testing, laser steering, mirror positioning, scanning, oscillation, switching, sorting, pick-and-place, and the pass through of fiber optics, electrical, and air lines. 

Each HCDS-051-064 Series stage has precision threaded mounting holes for tooling or fixtures. It has a linear travel of 1.20 in (30.5 mm), plug-and-play wired connectors, and convenient mounting holes for easy integration into new or existing applications. These stages are available with a resolution of 29.5 microns and 25.4 microns.  Additionally, each stage is available with either a continuous force of 4.7 lbs (21.0N) and a peak force of 14.9lbs (66.3 N), or a continuous force of 6.6 lbs (29.4N) and a peak force of 20.0 lbs (92.9 N), and an optional return spring. Two aperture diameters are available, 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) and 0.75 inch (19 mm).

The complete off-the-shelf HCDS Series of voice coil driven stages are also available in XY and XYZ configurations, and can be ordered as a complete Plug-and-Play system with a servo controller. Custom models with longer travels, higher forces, and higher resolutions are also available.