Sulzer Academy Examines Pump Essentials

Sulzer is offering a free webinar on pump essentials.

Sulzer is offering a free webinar on pump essentials.

September 17, 2021—
On Wednesday, October 20th at 3:00 pm (BST) Sulzer will be presenting a free training webinar about "Pump Essentials."

Lasting 120 minutes, the training will be held in English language, delivered online using MS Teams. The online session will cover basics about pump types, hydraulic principals, system considerations and ways of avoiding cavitation damage in an entertaining webinar session.

Topics include:

Learning about the latest technology concerning pumps, auxiliaries, maintenance and operation directly from the manufacturer;

Understanding the theoretical principles of centrifugal pumps, pump operations and get an insight into many of the design and operational principles that go into the specification and construction of these pumps;

Discovering the fascinating field of pump hydraulics and gain experience on how to read a pump performance curve;

Receiving practical insights into safe operation and effective maintenance of the equipment including its associated support systems.

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