Gear Dynamics and Gear Noise Short Course

(October 4-7, 2021)

Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. The purpose of this unique short course is to provide a better understanding of the mechanisms of gear noise generation, methods by which gear noise is measured and predicted and techniques employed in gear noise and vibration reduction. A popular feature of this course is the interspersing of demonstrations with lectures. The extensive measurement and computer software capabilities of the Gear and Power Transmission Research Laboratory allow instructors to do this in a simple and non-commercial manner. The Case History Workshop allows course instructors and participants to interact and to discuss gear noise and dynamics case histories presented by course attendees. Throughout the course, laboratory and computer software demonstrations are used to illustrate gear noise measurement and analysis techniques. The facilities of the Gear and Power Transmission Research Laboratory and the Acoustics and Dynamics Laboratory are used for these demonstrations.

Ohio State University