Schaeffler Presents LubeAdvisor Mobile App

LubeAdvisor from Schaeffler

LubeAdvisor from Schaeffler

April 20, 2021—
The new LubeAdvisor mobile app helps ensure optimal bearing lubrication. Designed for iOS and Android mobile devices, LubeAdvisor quickly and accurately calculates the optimal lubrication amount and interval for bearings.

Developed by the engineering experts at Schaeffler, LubeAdvisor has been designed to take the guesswork out of bearing lubrication using the smartphone-based convenience customers have come to expect. 

Available free in the App Store and on Google Play, it offers an intuitive interface and simple-to-perform calculations. Using LubeAdvisor is quick & easy:

1.Select the appropriate bearing number and grease type from the app’s dropdown menus.
2.Enter the applicable operating parameters. 
3.LubeAdvisor instantly calculates the optimal lubrication quantity and time interval for the selected bearing. 

LubeAdvisor helps keep bearings operating at peak performance with just a few clicks on any iOS or Android mobile device.

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